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Holiday Shopping Tips

We would like to share some important safety tips for your shopping security: 

    • Do not shop alone.     
    • Always be aware of your surroundings. 
    • Shop during the day. 
    • Keep your packages in your trunk. 
    • Park in a well-lit area. 
    • Never leave your car running. 
    • When you get in your car – lock the doors immediately. 
    • Be aware of your surroundings. 
    • Do not use walk-up ATMs – go into a store. 
    • Don’t overload your arms with packages. 
    • Have your keys out and ready when you get to your car. 
    • Do not carry a lot of cash. 
    • Make sure you have a list of all your credit cards and phone numbers in case they are lost or stolen. 
    • Keep your children in sight at all times. 
    • Have a meeting place if you are separated from your children and teach your children what to do if  approached by a stranger (i.e., report to a store clerk). 
    • Report any suspicious activity. 
    • Always lock your car. 

Shopping online is a good alternative but does come with some risks. Here are a few tips for online shopping: 
    • Use a credit card vs. a debit card. 
    • If possible, use a disposable credit card, i.e., prepaid card or gift card. 
    • Always use a secure site. A secure site will begin with https:// vs. http://. 
    • Never “store” your information. 

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