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Preventing Vehicle Theft

The Central Dispatch Office is offering the following tips to help keep your belongings and automobile safe:

​• Always lock your automobile and take your keys.
​​• Make sure all windows are rolled up – all the way. 
​​• Do not leave extra or spare keys in your automobile. 
​​• Do not leave valuables in your automobile (whether in plain sight or hidden). 
​​• Do not leave valuables in your trunk (if your automobile is unlocked, a thief can get to your trunk). ​
​• Park your automobile in a lit area. 
​​• Park your automobile in your garage or driveway if possible. ​
​• Never leave your automobile running. 
​​• Install an anti-theft device that is highly visible, hard to defeat, and renders the automobile inoperable. ​ 

• Do not leave important papers, especially a car title, in your automobile. 
​​• Invest in a tracking device in case your vehicle is stolen. ​ 
​• Record the serial numbers of aftermarket stereos, or other items. 
​​• Engrave your driver’s license number on your stereos, speakers, and cellular phones. ​
​• Do not leave your garage door opener in plain sight in your automobile. 
​​• Consider a security camera on your property. ​
​• Report suspicious activity or persons via 911 immediately.

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